AThe Book in Punjabi on the Biography of Guru Nanak the Founder of the Sikhism
Largest of Historical Biographies published so far.
Total No. Pages 528. Page size – 7″ x 10″. No of colour Photos- 596
In all there are 604 sakhis the stories (much more than any other book) and 64 important foot notes.
It is a highly researched book
  1. The landmark discovery of this book is the determination of period of 4th Udasi of the Founding Father. There is a difference of about 12 years between the tradition and new find. 
  2.  Categorically proved that Guru sahib visited Burma and Rakhine also the year of visit determined.
  3. Date of death of Bebe Nanki ji sister of Guru Nanak also determined.
  4. Jindaginama proves that the forefathers of Guru Sahib came from Persia. Also proved that many gotra (family names) of Punjabi people have their origin in Persia and Afghanistan. For example- Bedi is Bagdi (also there is a tribe of the same name in and around Iran) Trehan is from Tehran. Sodhi is from Sughdi, Bhalla from Bol Ballak, Kohli from Kohestan, Anand from Alwand, Kakkarh – Kakar, Bhasin – Badkshin, Sahni is Isfahani, Dhir – Dhikar, Sarna – Sharvan, Khosla is Khosat wala. etc. Similarly some other gots also have origin in Persia like Gill from Gilan, Randhawa – Ardhabil wala, Bajwa- Azerbaizan, Bal- Balakh, Bassi – Bushehar, Goraya- Gaur wala, Basra- Basra, Khurana- Khurasan. Origin of many such tribes has been determined.
  5. Jindaginama identifies in history the Karu Hamid of Janamsakhis,
  6. Jindaginama gives the present value of Rupees 20 of Sacha Sauda and has worked out to Rs. 7600.
  7. Jindaginama gives how Guru sahib was arrested and later extradited from Delhi. Guru Nanak was banned to enter Delhi. Because Guru sahib had opposed the tyranny of Sikandhar Lodhi. Jindaginama proves that Guru did bless Emperor Babur to become emperor of Hindustan.
  8. The issue of place and date of death of Bhai Mardana has been finally settled.
  9. A new memorial of Guru sahib has been discovered in Jammu and Kashmir.
  10. Many Gurbani shabads have been identified with incidences and historical persons. Jindaginama gives how Guru sahib read Sehra the wedding song on the marriage of His own son Baba Lakhmi Das. There is duly reference in Gurbani as to the death of Emperor Sikandar Lodhi.
  11. The place of Janamsakhi stories of ‘Mohran de kole te suli di sool’ ‘Kauda Rakash’, ‘Baba tin vari vikia-A Kid sold 3 times’ ‘A princess converted to a Prince’ Butant des’ which was hitherto understood as a reference to Bhutan has been rejected and a place identified. Readers will be surprised to know that there are duly Sikh shrines on the respective places.
  12. The name of which king presented Chola sahib the gown (which is preseved at Dera baba nanak) to Guru sahib is given with minute details.
  13. The interesting story of Guru sahib’s visit to Nepal is given in detail. The writers are wrong who say Guru sahib visited Nepal in 3rd Udasi.
  14. How Guru sahib had coardial relations with Bengal emperor Allauddin Hussain Shah has been elaborated.
  15. It has been conclusively established that there were 4 Udasis and the modern thinkers have been proved wrong.
  16. It been proved that Guru Sahib did visit the present tourist place in MP the Mandu and some otherwise unknown places of visit like Osian in Rajasthan.
  17. There are several new finds and lights related to Kartarpur sahib. The story of placing flowers on the sides of holy body of Guru sahib was concocted later on. How the position of Ravi River during Guru’s time was substantially different.
  18. How 5 different memorials of Guru sahib have vanished in the present century. 3 in Punjab and 2 in Himachal.
  19. How a family is hiding the pious historical shoes of Guru Nanak at Patiala. Guru sahib has originally gifted the pair to Abdul Rehman.
  20. Two 400 year old early gurmukhi inscriptions related to Guru sahib have been discovered in Punjab which were otherwise unknown to scholars.
  21. There is interesting highly researched details about Guru sahib s Mecca Madina and Baghdad visit.
  22. What was the basic purpose of Guru sahibs visit to Baghdad is given.
  23. Jindaginama claims that Guru sahib didn’t visit the countries/ places north of Kabul and west or north of Baghdad and the claim of historians is exaggerated. Similarly such claims that say Guru sahib went beyond Burma like Singapore Malaysia etc. have been rejected.
  24. The village of Phailsoof (philosopher) of Janamsakhis has been identified and the city of a grand daughter which said I can’t bow because of my tight suit (utangi peohari gahiri gambhiri).
  25. The village where guru sahib saw wrestling bout has been identified. Similarly Charpat vani has also been discovered.
  26. A new light has been shed on the joti jot samavna of Guru sahib.
  27. And an incidence how 16 people were shot dead on the dispute of mere 3 leaves of a tree.
  28. The new light that Emnabad Chakki the flour Mill is fake which was being associated with Guru sahib. Interestingly this chakki has since been smuggled to UK.
  29. When a Muslim peer was telling to masses that Guru Nanak’ mission will vanish with Him. Guru sahib visited the peer to tell him, “Mind it, the island do exist in big oceans also.” The peer felt ashamed.
  30. How the Kartarpur Corridor Movement and the whole story of Kartarpur corridor.
  31.  In all there are 600 Sakhis the stories based on various janamsakhis.
32. There are 66 important foot notes and annexures to explain various aspects like; Was Guru Cleanshaven? Did Guru not do miracles? But Sikhs celebrate Guru’s birthday in November. Bisiar Des, Danasri Des, the evidence that Guru sahib did bless the throne of Delhi to Babur, etc.etc.
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